Raw Juice Float

Makes 4, 10 oz. floats

Red Juice | Late Winter - Early Spring

2 rhubarb stalks / flesh of 1 grapefruit / flesh of 1 blood orange / 1 bruised red pear / ½ head radicchio Treviso / 1 peeled beet root with stems & leaves / 3 peeled carrots / 1 peeled red sweet potato / 1, 2-inch piece peeled turmeric / handful of red grapes

Green Juice | Late Winter - Early Spring

3 celery stalks / flesh of 1 lemon / 1 peeled cucumber / 5 sprigs mint / 5 sprigs basil / 1 bunch curly kale & stems / 1 green apple / 1, 2-inch piece peeled ginger / handful sugar snap peas / the ugly outside leaves from 1 romaine head


24 oz. juice

4 oz. club soda

1 pint vanilla ice cream (non-dairy coconut ice cream works too)


1. Up to four hours before serving juice the fruits and vegetables and chill. Don’t do this too far in advance or the color risks turning murky. You can also add a pinch of citric acid or ½ of a crushed up vitamin c tablet to help the color remain bright.

2. To serve, pour juice and club soda into a large pitcher. Scoop 2 large spoonfulls of vanilla ice cream into each of your frozen glasses. Pour fizzy juice over the ice cream until the frosty ice cream-juice bubbles are so high they start to dribble over the sides of the glass.  Its OK if this happens. Serve with a straw & spoon. 


Nothing makes me feel better than vibrant juice pulsating through my veins and nothing makes me happier than creamy ice cream swirling on my tongue. This love combination is such a treat I can’t even stand it. Use all the bruised and not-so-fresh fruits and veggies lurking in your fridge before you go out and buy any more produce! No juicer? Throw the veggies into your blender with some water and strain. And finally, dessert tip 101, freeze your float glass for at least 15 minutes before assembling the float. The ice cream doesn’t melt as fast and the frosty exterior looks so fine.
Photography by Se Young http://www.se-young.com