Namdaemun Market | Seoul, South Korea | 9/22/14 | Snack attack on street food. Kimchee pancake; fishy, funky, spicy, greasy & hot. Soul satisfying.
Ferry Building Farmer's Market | San Francisco, CA | 11/8/14 | First experience with pineapple guava -- the green gems on the right. Love at first bite.
Strawberry & Parsley Blondie | Home | 8/20/13 | Mom's stellar raspberry blondie made over with tristar strawberries, coconut and parsley (hidden underneath). Unique yet divine aroma & flavor.
Calumet Fisheries | Chicago, IL | 9/18/14 | Smoked shrimp on saltines with hot sauce & a can of Fanta.  One of my favorite lunches all year.
Brooklyn | 10/12/14 | Chocolate Wedding Cake (2 more not pictured: carrot & chocolate) | Gluten free, dairy free, delicious.
Blue Star Pub | Seoul, South Korea | 11/26/14 | I finally visited my twin living here!  We washed down salty glazed mackerel (godeungeo-gui) with sweet fermented rice drink (makgeolli). Best Dive Bar.
Oyster Pancake - Main Street Imperial Gourmet | Flushing, Queens | 12/26/14 | Sticky mochi rice omelette with morsels of fried oysters. Strangely addicting. I want another!
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