My name is Katy and I am a chef planted in Brooklyn with roots from Nebraska. I am passionate and curious about everything food: markets, farmers, restaurants, heritage and ingredients. Especially ingredients! Whole foods fascinate me most and I love learning new and old ways to create something delicious without messing with it too much. 

My culinary background is predominately pastry -- I love how whimsical and nostalgic it can be. The balancing act of sugar with opposite ingredients that are earthy, funky and acidic is a something I never grow tired of. More and more my focus is shifting to the savory side with a keen interest in culturing and fermentation, like one big ongoing science project I never grow tired of working on. It is all part of my mission to cook REAL FOOD with ingredients that provide nourishment in order to function each and every day like a bo$$. 

My career has brought me to Chile, San Francisco, New York, Mexico City, Cambodia and Montreal. I've eaten my way through the urban side streets and countrysides of Quebec City, Buenos Aires, The Dominican Republic, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Copenhagen, Seoul, London and Tokyo. Each experience has brought amazing new friends who have opened doors to a food community larger than I ever imagined had existed. I have been quite blessed. Here I am sharing some of my favorite moments and recipes in hopes they educate and inspire you like they have me!